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Henriette Heimbach
Das Projekt-Team
10:18 Uhr

Summer holiday question no. 19: What is your favourite holiday place in Europe?

Sommerferien-Frage der Woche: Was ist dein Lieblingsurlaubsort in Europa?


Question des vacances d’été: Quel est ton lieu de vacances préféré en Europe?


09.09.2012 - 16:18 Katerina Janovská
Katerina Janovská
Mesto Novy Jicin
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5. – Greece! :)

My favourite place in Europe is Greece in general. I love the sea the air and the culture. I think the history of Greece is stunning an so interesting. People in Greece are so nice. In Greece you are never bored there is a life. I really like there buildings. My favourite island in Greece is Lefkada. It´s special place full of Olive tree which I like. :)


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13.08.2012 - 17:40 Inga Wachsmann
Citizen for Europe e.V.
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4. – @ Sarah : Tour d’Europe bientôt possible avec le Unity Express


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11.08.2012 - 22:18 Sarah Akesbi
Sarah Akesbi
Lycée Georges-Cuvier Montbéliard
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3. – Pas encore vu!

Je n’ai pas beaucoup voyagé en Europe! Mais je sais qu’il y a des endroits magnifiques à voir! J’ai eu l’occasion de visiter quelques villes francaises, allemandes, italiennes et grecques, et j’ai adoré! On peut y trouver à la fois des points communs et tant de différence!
Mon reve serait de faire un tour d’Europe! J’adore les voyages, et je veux absolument tout voir! :D


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10.08.2012 - 14:06 Gerraint  Jones-Griffiths
Gerraint Jones-Griffiths
Caerphilly Youth Forum
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2. – My Favourite European Town...

My favourite town in Europe is the wonderful Spanish town of Benidorm, why? Becuase it offers beautiful beaches, shops and hotels which are there to serve the very best of which it can offer.

Gerraint Jones-Griffiths.
Environment Rep.
Caerphilly Youth Forum


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10.08.2012 - 00:16 Fern Price
Caerphilly Youth Forum
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1. – Wish I was there all the time..

My favourite Holiday Place in Europe, has to be in South Tenerife! There are a few towns right on the coast within 5 minutes from each other and a small taxi ride from the airport.  My favourite is the lively Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos and even a little further out in the more traditional and characteristic Golf Del Sur and San Blas.
There are many reasons why I love it there, ma ➔ Afficher l'intégralité de la contribution


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