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Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
11:25 Uhr

Let’s discuss together - Euer Treffpunkt zur gemeinsamen Diskussion - Discutons ensemble

The forum’s discussion evolves around the possible reactions to climate change as well as a pan-European coordination of energy supply. You have especially discussed renewable energies and denuclearization. It became obvious that Europeans have to work together to find solutions. Your phase reports already show first suggestions how a European climate and energy politics could look like. A Euro ➔ Afficher l'intégralité de la contribution

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23.07.2012 - 16:26 Henriette Heimbach
Henriette Heimbach
Das Projekt-Team
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2. – Our expert Dr. Stefan Aykut gives some insights

Have a look here

Dr. Stefan Aykut answered questions on climate change and energy supply issues such as:
What is the role of the people in climate protection? Is the interest of the public and the citizens in climate protection diminishing in Europe?
Quel rôle joue l’énergie ➔ Afficher l'intégralité de la contribution


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29.06.2012 - 11:29 Anne-Sophie Barreau
Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
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1. – Exchange your results here and discuss your topic with other groups!

Which democratic structures can be useful in order to react to the climate change? How can we - the youth - be more involved so that politicians will think about the future generation? Where can I, as an individual, contribute and be responsible?

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Tauscht hier eure Ergebnisse aus und diskutiert mit den anderen Gruppen über euer Thema! Mit welchen demokratischen Strukturen kann auf d ➔ Afficher l'intégralité de la contribution


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